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Dec 2020 - Much to Celebrate in the Lucky Country

We are strong and resilient people

In every newsletter since March 2020, I always had a message that was optimistic and balanced. The common thread being that as each day passes, we are another day closer to several different options for a vaccine that will give people more confidence to live a more fulfilled life. We are not there yet, however, more than ever many more people can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hold on and keep doing what you have been doing. You’re fantastic.

Facts about Real Estate in South East Queensland

It’s been a seller’s market right through COVID despite the negativity from the media and this has largely been due to demand being greater than supply. Those who decided to sell, they sold and got a great price. Those who bought now have a wonderful place to call home. The media are now starting to swing from mostly being negative about property prices to one of buyers falling over themselves to buy. As always, its best to talk to your real estate agent to get the true picture.

If you are considering selling, call me on 0432 00 33 55. If you are a current buyer, just BUY.

What is a Real Estate Doctor? There is a common misconception that properties sell themselves. Yes, they can, but generally for a lower price than can be achieved. If you want a great outcome and a seamless stress-free process, you require a smart hard work agent who always offers exemplary service regardless of circumstances or property type. What you need is a Real Estate Doctor. Within this newsletter and the links within, you will find many examples of an agent that always goes above and beyond.

To learn more about real estate prices in your specific market area call me on 0432 00 33 55 or reply to this email.

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